Bedouin Terror Cell Broken Up


The Shin Bet has uncovered a terror cell made up of Israeli Bedouin citizens who were conspiring to attack IDF soldiers in the Negev as an act of revenge for the outlawing of the Islamic Movement.

Two of the cell’s members, Muhammad Masri of Beersheva and Abdullah Abu Ayash of Kuseifeh, were arrested in December 2016 and tried. The investigation revealed the involvement of another Israeli citizen, Mahmud Loisi of Qalansawa, who was in Turkey at the time, and was arrested for questioning immediately upon his return to Israel in March 2017.

Disclosure of the arrests and prosecutions were released for publication on Tuesday.

In the ongoing investigation, Faras al-Omri from Mandala, a senior activist in the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, was also arrested.

The conspirators hold blue cards, given to permanent residents. The cards allow them to live and work anywhere in the country, grants them social benefits and health insurance, and gives them the right to vote in local elections, but not national elections.