Law to Allow Customers Demand Service Call Tapes Passes First Reading


The Knesset has passed on its first reading a new law that will enable customers to demand recordings of conversations they had with customer service agents on the phone. The law was approved unanimously on its first reading.

The Justice Ministry, which proposed the bill, said that it was among the recommendations of a committee that has been working on ways to ensure the digital rights of Israelis. The Ministry’s Technology and Law Authority has determined that access to conversations that people have with customer service personnel on the phone is one of those rights. A law has been in place for several years now that companies record these conversations, so they can be checked in the event that a customer complains about services or products that they claim were misrepresented. The new measure requires companies to share those recordings with customers.

The recordings can be requested and must be submitted under all circumstances, even if there is no dispute. Failure to do so could result in a fine of NIS 10,000 per incident, the law says. Exempt from the law are companies with fewer than 20 employees, and/or have an annual business volume of less than NIS 10 million.