Pizza Chain in Trouble With Palestinians Over Barghouti ‘Advertisement’

An image of Marwan Barghouti painted on the security fence near Kalandiya. (Haytham Shtayeh/Flash90)

Arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti was banned from meeting with his attorney by the Prisons Service on Wednesday, Army Radio reported. Barghouti, who is serving five life terms for his role in the murder of numerous Israelis, is currently in solitary confinement over his role in leading a hunger strike of Arab terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails. The Prisons Service said that it had postponed the visit until a later date due to Barghouti’s placement in solitary confinement.

Barghouti was famously caught on camera earlier in the week sneaking some snacks, even though he is ostensibly leading the hunger strike. Barghouti was caught on camera eating a “tortit,” an Israeli chocolate-coated wafer snack, much to the denigration of Israelis, who made fun not only of the fact that Barghouti was eating, but of his choice of snack, with one social media commenter observing that he would not eat a tortit “even if it was my last meal in prison.” In the Palestinian Authority, meanwhile, officials said that the footage was fabricated, and accused Israel of producing it to “break the spirit of Palestinian resistance.”

But the story and the footage has now inspired a marketing campaign – and led supporters of Barghouti to organize a worldwide boycott of the Pizza Hut chain. In a new online ad, Pizza Hut shows the footage, with a Hebrew subtitle reading, “Barghouti, if you are going to break your fast already, at least eat a Pizza Hut pizza.”

Taking exception to the campaign were many Palestinians, who accused the chain of taking advantage of Barghouti’s suffering to sell pizza, Channel Ten reported. In a social media post, Barghouti’s family members said that they were “very disappointed that an international chain could do something so negative. We demand that Pizza Hut remove the materials and apologize.” If it fails to do so, supporters of Barghouti said, they would spread the word around the international community of supporters of Palestinians that Pizza Hut does not deserve their business, and that protests outside their stores are in order.