Israeli Buses to be Used for Meron Transportation, Not Schools

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Newly erected tents in Meron, near the kever of the Rashbi, set up in expectation of the large crowds for Lag Baomer. (Ohr HaRashbi)

Mrs. Keren Turner-Eyal, Director General of the Israeli Transportation Ministry, announced today that buses used for public transportation will be deployed to serve the traffic in and out of Meron, despite the schools being open this year, due to the danger to the public that would ensue if there wasn’t public transportation servicing Meron.

Although the original plans called for public busing to be allocated for Lag Baomer, this was called into question when the decision was made to move the traditional day off from school from Sunday, Lag Baomer, to Monday, which would call for the buses to be used to transport the students to school. However, in view of the chaos this could cause to the celebrations in Meron, the department came to the conclusion that the original plan should be adhered to and the buses will still be used for the festivities, not for the schools.

This decision was made not only in view of the tens of thousands of who travel to the celebrations in Meron but also considering a forecast that the usual number is expected to grow this year by 10 to 20 percent.

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