Regional Briefs – May 7, 2017

Museum Invites People to Bring in Their Mystery Stuff

NEW YORK – The American Museum of Natural History has an intriguing idea: Bring in anything you have and don’t know what it is, and scientists will try to identify it, The Associated Press reported. Items ID’ed include a whale jawbone, a giraffe vertebra and an ancient spear-point from Morocco.

Lost Cellphone Tracked to New Jersey Garbage Dump

CAMDEN, N.J. – A boy’s lost cellphone tracked to a garbage dump was recovered intact from a mountain of trash, WCAU reported. Ethan Roncace’s phone got thrown away at his high school last Monday. He tracked the phone’s signal to the facility, where he found it after 30 minutes of digging.

35 lb. Catfish Caught in Lake Ontario Sets NY Record

WATERTOWN, N.Y. – A 35-pound, 3-ounce channel catfish caught in Lake Ontario in April sets a new state record for that species, The Associated Press reported. Eric Scordo of Watertown caught the 38-inch fish. The previous record was 2 pounds smaller, set in 2002.

Judge: Teacher Layoffs Must Be Based on Seniority

TRENTON – A New Jersey judge ruled Wednesday that when public school teachers must be fired it has to be based on seniority, not who is more qualified, reported. Parents from Newark had sued, arguing that the union-favored rule violates students’ rights to a quality education.

Ft. Ticonderoga Turns Back The Clock to 1757 in Exhibit

TICONDEROGA, N.Y. – Fort Ticonderoga turned back the clock 260 years to tell the story of 1757, when the French captured and burned the British-built Fort William Henry during the French and Indian War, The Associated Press reported. Each season, the site selects a different year to present.

Tiny Ducklings Found In Grease Now Clean

WEST SENECA, N.Y. – A dozen fluffy wild ducklings were discovered soaking in a pan of grease outside a restaurant, The Associated Press reported. An animal rights group scrubbed them clean with dish soap and blow-dried them.