Shin Bet Nabs Gang of Shomron Shooters

An M-16 used by the group was found hidden under a child’s bed in the raid. (Police Spokesman)

The Shin Bet apprehended a gang of Arab terrorists who had gone on a month-long shooting spree in April, targeting Israeli towns in western Shomron, as well as Israeli drivers on the road in those areas. The shooting attacks, which took place mostly at night, were frequent, and constituted a significant threat to residents and travelers, the agency said. The arrests took place in recent days, and were authorized for publication Thursday.

After an extensive investigation and the use of intelligence and other security methods, the Shin Bet, IDF and police rounded up the gang of shooters, which included a number of residents of several villages in the Jenin area. One of the shooters, Louie Ahmed Shafik Za’abana, is an attorney and a member of the Popular Front terror group.

The group is responsible for numerous shootings, officials said. B’chasdei Shamayim, no one was injured in any of the shootings, although there was damage to property. Among the targets of the gang were an IDF base in the Jenin area, IDF patrols, and Jewish towns — including Shaked, Shavei Shomron and Mevo Dotan — all in the central and northern Shomron area. Numerous vehicles were targeted as well.

Officials said that all the suspects were under questioning, and that several caches of weapons had been seized. Further arrests are expected. Indictments are to be issued in the coming days, officials added.