Israel Rebukes Sweden Over UNESCO Vote


Israel has formally reprimanded the Swedish ambassador because of his country’s vote for a UNESCO resolution that denied Israeli sovereignty over, and Jewish historical ties to, Yerushalayim.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry says Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser was summoned Wednesday after Sweden was the only European country to vote for a UNESCO resolution criticizing Israeli excavations in east Yerushalayim as a violation of international law.

Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Europe desk, Rodica Gordon told the Swedish ambassador that “this is a clear step against Israel, which is part of your voting pattern at UNESCO. Sweden is systematically acting against Israel,” Arutz Sheva quoted the diplomat as saying.

The U.N. cultural body’s resolution was approved by 22 member states, with 10 voting against and 23 abstaining.

The result marked an improvement for Israel, which has previously found itself with little international support besides the Unites States. This time, Italy, Britain, Holland, Greece and others also sided with it.