NYC Ferry Service Launches With Queens, East River Routes

NYC, Ferry, New York
Passengers onboard a NYC Ferry watch the Manhattan skyline as they approach the Wall Street pier on Monday. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

New York City has launched its new ferry service.

The NYC Ferry service started Monday with a Rockaway route. The area got priority because residents there have some of the city’s longest commutes.

The launch also included a previously existing East River route with refurbished ferries.

NYC Ferry will get a South Brooklyn route on June 1. An Astoria route begins in August, followed by Lower East Side and Bronx routes in 2018. An estimated 4.6 million passengers a year are expected to use the ferries, which will cut travel times by as much as two-thirds.

NYC, Ferry, New York, NYC Ferry
An NYC Ferry is docked beneath the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

A ride costs $2.75, the same as the subway, and includes transfers. The ferries accept MetroCards.

The ferries are wi-fi capable, and will serve snacks and alcoholic beverages.