Israel Says Assad Has Tons of Chemical Weapons Left

BEIRUT (AP/Hamodia) -

Israeli defense officials say that Syrian President Bashar Assad still has up to three tons of chemical weapons.

The officials delivered the assessment Wednesday, weeks after a chemical attack in Syria killed at least 90 people. Israel, along with much of the international community, believes that Assad’s forces carried out the attack.

A senior military official says Israeli military intelligence estimates that Assad has “between one and three tons” of chemical weapons.

He spoke on condition of anonymity under military briefing rules. The assessment was confirmed by two other defense officials.

In another Syria-related item on Wednesday, an IDF official said that the U.S. gave Israel two hours warning prior to the firing of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Syrian regime’s al-Shayrat Airbase.

Following the strikes, the IDF issued a statement saying that Israel’s military had been briefed in advance and expressed support for the strikes. However, it was not disclosed then how much in advance the IDF was notified.