Compensation Deal Finalized for Versailles Hall Victims

The Versailles wedding hall in the aftermath of the 2001 disaster. (Flash90)

More than 200 people injured in the 2001 collapse of the Versailles wedding hall in Yerushalayim are set to receive NIS 75 million in compensation, in a deal that was verified by the Yerushalayim District Court this week. Twenty three people were killed in that tragedy.

The negotiations over the compensation have been going on for years, as the municipality announced last year that it would take responsibility for the compensation negotiations after survivors were unable to collect judgements for compensation.

The Versailles wedding hall disaster was the worst civil disaster in the country’s history. The collapse of the hall, which sent people plummeting two stories, was determined to have been caused by an inferior construction system that could not handle the load of large numbers of people at a single time.