5th-Graders Present Misaskim with New Aron Kodesh

5th-Graders, Misaskim, Aron Kodesh
The fifth grade class of Yeshivah Mevakshei Hashem on Tuesday present Misaskim head Rabbi Yanky Meyer with a new Aron Kodesh they fundraised for. (Misaskim)

A fifth grade class on Tuesday presented Misaskim with a new aron kodesh they fundraised for to house one of the sifrei Torah distributed to aveilim.

The boys of Yeshivah Mivakshei Hashem were treated to pizza and chips when they came down to Misaskim’s Boro Park office to hand Rabbi Yankie Meyer an oversized check of more than $5,000.

As part of their secular studies program, the boys had voted to raise money to help Misaskim provide the Jewish community with all types of services for the bereaved. The boys then took part in a yeshivah-sponsored Write-A-Thon, in which the boys wrote personal letters to friends and relatives, asking them to join in sponsoring a new aron kodesh.

The boys were accompanied to Misaskim by Rabbi Englard, who spearheaded this campaign.