Poll: Two-Thirds of Israelis Favor Center-Right Government

Poll, Israelis, Center-Right, Government, Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attends a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. (Reuters/Dan Balilty/Pool)

Whatever may be the political fate of embattled Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the ideological perspective he represents continues to have a strong grip on the Israeli electorate.

A poll published on Tuesday indicated that about a whopping majority of 70 percent of Israelis say they prefer a right or center-right government. Only 24 percent said they support a left-wing or center-left government.

The data was gathered by the monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University. 500 Jewish and 100 Arab adults were interviewed and the poll had a 4.1 percent margin of error.

In fact, the continuance of right-wing dominance seems a foregone conclusion, as 81 percent of those favoring the center-left said they expect the next government will be led by the right.

Public support for the political status quo appeared to be consistent with perceptions about national security. About 50 percent rated the current security situation as good or very good, while 35 percent said they thought it was only “so-so.” Only 14 percent say it’s bad or very bad. Diplomatically, 32 percent of Jews says things are good or very good, 38 percent say they are so-so and 26 percent say they are bad or very bad.