Uruguay Continues Search for Missing Crew of South Korean Ship

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) -

Uruguay is looking for 22 missing crew members of a South Korean ship after finding two survivors, authorities said Sunday.

Two Filipino survivors in good health were found Saturday floating in a life boat by a commercial boat participating in the search. Uruguayan Navy spokesman Gaston Jaunsolo told The Associated Press that the survivors said the Stella Daisy split in two and sank.

A Brazilian Navy plane joined the rescue team at around 2,485 miles (4,000 kilometers) off Uruguay’s coast. Argentina’s Navy has also been helping.

The South Korean foreign ministry says the vessel’s shipping company lost contact with Stella Daisy on Friday shortly after a crew member sent a text message saying it was taking on water.

It says there were 24 crew members aboard — eight South Koreans and 16 Filipinos. The ship was registered in the Marshall Islands.