Multi-Tier Air Defense System ‘David’s Sling’ Almost Ready to Go

The launching system is seen on an inactive version of David’s Sling, at a media event during a joint exercise in Hatzor air base near Tel Aviv in 2016. (Reuters/Amir Cohen/File)

A senior Israeli air force official says a joint U.S.-Israeli missile interceptor known as “David’s Sling” will be operational soon, completing the country’s multi-layer defense system.

He said Monday that David’s Sling, meant to counter medium-range missiles possessed by Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, will be operational in early April.

This marks the completion of Israel’s missile defense system, he said.

That includes the Arrow, designed to intercept ballistic missiles in the stratosphere from long-range threats like Iran, and Iron Dome that defends against short-range rockets from Gaza. The official spoke anonymously in line with protocol.

Israeli deployed its Arrow system Friday when Syria fired missiles at its jets on a mission to destroy a weapons convoy bound for Hezbollah.

David’s Sling is developed by Israeli defense company Rafael with American defense giant Raytheon.