Thousands in Lizhensk for Yahrtzeit of Rebbe Reb Elimelech, Zy”a

A view of the tefillos at the kever on Motzoei Shabbos. (Chadashot24)

Thousands of Chassidim from all corners of the world traveled to Poland to mark the yahrtzeit of the Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk, zy”a, whose yahrtzeit is Motzoei Shabbos and Sunday, 21 Adar.

It is known that the Rebbe Reb Elimelech promised that whoever davens at his kever will not leave this world without doing teshuvah. His kever is known as a place of yeshuos and refuos.

Tefillos at the kever on Motzoei Shabbos. (Chadashot24)
Hachnasas orchim marquees next to the kever, as well as a special tent (L) for kohanim to daven. (Chadashot24)

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