Combating the Forces of Hate

We’ve seen an unprecedented level of hatred directed at Jewish institutions and people. I don’t want to minimize that — it is profoundly disturbing. But let’s also remember, the City of New York has extraordinary capacity to defend its citizens and we are using it.&

In the first months of 2017, New York City has seen a 113 percent rise in hate crimes when compared to the same period last year. Anti-Jewish crimes are the single largest category of these threats. It’s an unsettling reminder of the worst moments in history.

So, I want all my Jewish brothers and sisters to know: I stand with you. The NYPD stands with you. We are in a state of high vigilance. We will investigate every incident to the fullest extent and we will bring the perpetrators to justice.

We are taking aggressive action to defend the Jewish community throughout the five boroughs.

The NYPD is bringing immense resources to its investigation of hate crimes. If they need more support, we’ll make that available. Our precincts, and Neighborhood Policing officers, are paying special attention to the Jewish community. You’ll see patrol cars passing by, cops checking in, and there are measures you won’t see.& &

If a threat solidifies in any way, we will immediately defend the targeted location. That is something we’ve done for years.&

As the proud Mayor of the city with the largest Jewish community of any city worldwide, it’s my duty and privilege to rise up in defense of the Jewish people wherever and whenever they are attacked.

But I also want to deputize every New Yorker. Don’t ignore hate speech. Don’t assume someone else will act. If you see something, say something. Dial 311 or if you witness an emergency, dial 911.

Fighting hate is everybody’s business. New York City is great because we are a place for everyone. Together, we will defend our city and our values.&

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