Gov’t to Subsidize Meals for All Public Employees

The Finance Ministry in Yerushalayim. (Photo by / Flash90)

The Histadrut and the Finance Ministry have signed an agreement to provide lunches for workers in the public sector. Until now, according to the Histadrut, the issue was not formalized, with some workers receiving lunch, while others did not.

Employer-supplied or subsidized lunches are common fringe benefits among Israeli employers, with employers generally footing the bill for part of the cost of meals. The new agreement provides for a subsidy of NIS 16.80 per worker.

In addition, each worker will receive a one-time credit of NIS 2,600 as compensation for lack of an agreement until now. The subsidy and compensation will apply to all workplaces, both those with and without cafeterias. In the latter, workers will pay the difference between the cost of a meal and the subsidy – for example, the difference between NIS 25 and the NIS 16.80 subsidy. In places where there are no cafeterias, employers will float a tender to find the cheapest caterer who can supply meals at costs as close as possible to NIS 16,80. The compensation per worker will be used to pay for the amount given to workers who have to pay out of pocket, under the deal.

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