Security Forces Kill Terrorist in Shootout Near Ramallah


A firefight took place at daybreak between Israeli security forces and a Palestinian wanted for terrorist activities at his hideout near Ramallah.

Basel al-A’araj, 31, was killed after he opened fire on the IDF and Border Police units who came to arrest him. A number of Palestinians were also injured in clashes with the security forces as they attempted to interfere with the arrest operation, hurling rocks and firebombs. Two of the attackers were shot in the lower parts of their bodies by soldiers and were removed by their friends to a nearby hospital.

B’chasdei Shamayim, no injuries were reported among the soldiers or police.

Troops confiscated an M-16 rifle and an improvised Carlo-style submachine gun, which the IDF said belonged to al-A’araj. He was suspected of planning a terror attack against Israeli civilians.

The movements of Al-A’araj and his collaborators had been monitored by the Shin Bet ever since he was released from a Palestinian Authority prison last September.

In other overnight raids across Yehudah and Shomron, security forces apprehended 12 terrorists, including four suspected of attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers. Seven of the suspects taken into custody were identified as members of Hamas.