Intel Exported Nearly 10 Percent of Israeli High-Tech in 2016, Company Says

Intel in Israel employs around 10,000 workers in its Kiryat Gat production center and in four development centers, in Haifa, Yakum, Yerushalayim and Petach Tikva. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

In its annual report, Intel Israel said that it had exported $3.3 billion of high-tech equipment in 2016 – 8 percent of all of Israel’s tech exports for the year. According to Daniel Ben Attar, head of production of Intel Israel, much of that was in the form of processors and equipment made in the company’s facility in Kiryat Gat.

“This facility is considered one of Intel’s best in the world,” said Ben Attar. “The exports from this site make a great contribution to the Israeli economy, and provide a good source of income for Intel worldwide. Some 56 percent of our annual exports come from this facility.”

Intel Israel currently has 10,200 workers in Israel, 67 percent of them (about 6,900 workers) working in development, with another third in the manufacturing facilities, which churn out processors for the “Intel Inside” laptops and desktops sold by manufacturers around the world. According to the company, it is directly responsible for an additional 30,000 jobs in Israel in companies that provide supplies and services to Intel Israel.

“Intel’s facilities have had an enormous impact on Israel,” according to Yaniv Gerty, CEO of Intel Israel. “Over the past 43 years we have exported some $46 billion in goods and services, a huge amount that has had a major impact on Israel’s economic growth and on the lives of Israelis.”