PA Denounces ‘Palestinian Diaspora’ Conference

Ramallah. (Flash90)

The Palestinian Authority has condemned an event in Turkey that features discussions about life in the “Palestinian Diaspora.” The Palestine Abroad Conference, which opened on Saturday and runs through Monday, is “the work of the devil” and should be boycotted by all Palestinians, according to officials in Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

According to organizers, the conference will feature attendees and speakers from over 50 countries. The point of the conference, which is being held in Istanbul, is to “develop a political structure that will represent Palestinians more effectively,” according to Al Jazeera. “Many of the speakers and attendees said they no longer have faith in the Palestinian leadership in the occupied territories because of their failure to deliver tangible outcomes as a result of decades of peace negotiations with Israel,” according to the Al Jazeera report.

Fatah and the PLO – the former headed by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas – denounced the event as being a front for Hamas, accusing the Gaza-based terror group of attempting to make inroads into the PA’s control of areas of Yehudah and Shomron. The PA’s Minister of Religion on Friday denounced the event, saying that it was “the devil’s conference,” and would only “weaken the Palestinian nation.”

The Al Jazeera report quoted one of the organizers, Daniel Jadue, as sating that “this was not the first time the Palestinian Authority rejected similar gatherings. This is because it is afraid it will further undermine its weak legitimacy,” he said, adding that the purpose of the event was to “attempt to organize and give a role to the Palestinian Diaspora in the struggle for the realization of our inalienable national rights.”