Marine Le Pen Backs Down on Dual Citizenship Ban


National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has modified her recent call for abolition of dual citizenship, saying that she is “not locked into” the policy.
Marine Le Pen, a prominent candidate for president of France in the current campaign, was under fire for saying recently that if elected she would insist that citizens choose between France and any other country outside the EU. Ending dual citizenship would affect thousands of French Jews, along with passport holders of other countries.

However, on Tuesday, in an interview with the French-language Lebanese paper L’Orient-Le Jour, Marine Le Pen appeared to back down from what has actually been part of her party’s platform for years.

She explained that she would permit dual citizenship if France and the other country in question had signed an agreement allowing for the arrangement.

Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen’s standing in the polls continued to indicate that her candidacy is a serious one, and that she has succeeded in leading the National Front from the far-right fringe to the forefront of national politics.

If elections were held today, the polling data indicates that she would win the first round, though go down to defeat in the second round, a runoff with the centrist Emmanuel Macron.