Cohen, Levy Head Most Common Names List


The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published on Tuesday night a list of the most common family names in Israel.

More than 180,000 people bear the name Cohen, which took first place on the list. After that, fittingly, was Levy, which is the last name of 105,000 Israelis.

Within the Arab population, Aghbariyya was the most common name.

Next on the list of names were Mizrachi, Peretz, Biton, Dahan, Avraham, Friedman, Azulai, Malka, Katz, and Yosef.

It was also found that 2.3 percent of Israelis have a double, or hyphenated last name. The phenomenon is more common among women—3.6 percent of women generally, 5.8 percent of Jewish women.

Double names correlated with age: 20-25 percent of women who married at age 30 or older had two last names, whereas women who married at an earlier age had far fewer double names.