Cambridge Dictionary Moves ‘Capital’ From Tel Aviv


The Cambridge Dictionary has acknowledged an error in its definition of the word “capital.” Offering examples of the word’s usage, it stated that “Middle Eastern capitals include Baghdad and Tel Aviv.”

In response to complaints, Wendalyn Nichols, Publishing Manager, Cambridge University Press issued the following statement:

“We thank our customers for alerting us to a mistake found in the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition example of ‘Capital’. We looked into this immediately and acknowledge that the example given was incorrect. We can confirm that this has now been removed. We undertake rigorous quality assurance, involving independent expert fact checkers, but are very sorry that on this occasion this mistake wasn’t spotted before online publication. We would like to apologize for any offence caused.”

As the watchdog Honest Reporting, one of the complainants, pointed out, it is because The Cambridge Dictionary is a widely respected reference work, which people trust, that the error mattered.