Community Mourns Mr. Omid Gholian, Z”l


Police Investigating As Possible Murder

The Jewish-Iranian community of Marine Park, Brooklyn was shocked and saddened by news of the petirah of Omid Gholian, z”l, 43, which is being investigated as a homicide.

Rabbi Yosef Aryeh, leader of the Marine Park Sephardic Congregation, where the niftar was a particularly dedicated member, told Hamodia that Mr. Gholian was widely known and well liked in the community.

“He was a very fine and friendly person, and a mainstay of the shul. It’s a real shock and very sad for all of us,” he said.

Police had been investigating Mr. Gholian’s disappearance since Monday, when he was reported missing by one of his brothers. Late Wednesday afternoon, authorities searched the jewelry store that he owned and operated, known as World of Gold N Diamond, in lower Manhattan. The niftar was found in the back of the shop. An investigation is still underway and no official cause of death had been given.

Mr. Gholian arrived in the United States with his parents and siblings from Iran roughly 20 years ago. The Gholiads have been part of a small core group that founded the Marine Park Sephardic Congregation and have been central to its growth, both as steady mispallelim as well as generous financial supporters. Mr. Gholiad, himself never married, but was very close to his family, which Rabbi Aryeh described as “strong” and highly respected.

According to local news reports, other merchants on the block where his shop is located, had developed a close relationship with Mr. Gholian, who they remembered for his calm and jovial nature and as an especially hard worker.

Mendel Rosenberg, of Chessed Shel Emes, told Hamodia that staff from his organization had been on scene at the Medical Examiner’s office since Wednesday night until the niftar’s release late Thursday afternoon, to ensure for proper kvod hameis.

The levayah is planned to take place Friday morning at Shomrei Hadas chapels in Boro Park.

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