Bail Hearing in Menachem Stark Case Postponed to March 8


The bail hearing for three men arrested in the Menachem Stark, Hy”d, kidnapping scheme, which resulted in his tragic death in January 2014, has been postponed by one month.

One man, Kendel Felix, has already been convicted of Stark’s murder and kidnapping, and is awaiting sentencing.

Three more men have since been arrested on various charges related to the crime. At Wednesday’s bail hearing at Kings County Criminal Court, the judge said he has not yet had a chance to review the grand-jury minutes of their indictments, and postponed the hearing until March 8th. The three men – Erskin Felix (a cousin of Kendel), Kendall Felix (a brother of Erskin), and Irvine Henry are being held in jail at least until the bail hearing.