NY’s Highest Court Gets New Judge Following Senate Confirmation

ALBANY (AP/Hamodia) -

New York’s highest court is getting a new judge after the Senate on Monday confirmed Rowan D. Wilson, a private attorney with commercial litigation experience.

Lawmakers from both parties praised Wilson’s experience and ability.

He was nominated to serve on the Court of Appeals last month by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. With Wilson’s confirmation, Cuomo has now completely remade the court in his liberal image, having appointed all of the seven judges.

“Admired for his unassailable integrity, keen intellect and extensive experience handling some of the most pressing legal matters of our time,” Cuomo said in a statement following the vote to confirm, “Judge Wilson is committed to the principles of justice and equality that are the very foundation of New York’s judicial system.”

Wilson will replace Judge Eugene Pigott Jr., who turned 70, the court’s mandatory retirement age. He was appointed by Republican Governor George Pataki& in 2006.