Tefilos Urged for Rav Steinman shlita

Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky sits with Hagaon Harav Aharon Leib Shteinman. (Yaakov Naumi/Flash90)

As of 9:00 p.m. Sunday night (Israel time), the medical condition of Hagaon Harav Aharon Leib Steinman shlita was reported as serious and stable.

Doctors at the intensive-care unit of Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak have been doing everything possible for him, but they say he is suffering from an infection and fever of unspecified cause.

Rav Steinman was reported as not under sedation, and was even able to daven Maariv on Sunday night. He was gladdened when told that Jews all over the world are davening for his speedy recovery.

Klal Yisrael is urged to continue to daven and increase limud haTorah for the refuah sheleimah of Harav Aharon Yehudah Leib ben Gittel Faiga, b’soch she’ar cholei Yisrael.

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