Ancient Path to Har HaBayis to Open to Public


A new path running between two ancient mikvaos, believed to date to the time of Bayis Sheini, and used by visitors to Har HaBayis, is to be inaugurated at the Ophel site in the Davidson Center Archaeological Park, in the Walls Around Yerushalayim National Park.

The mikveh path, which is experiential, circular and modular, was constructed and conserved in recent years by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The site is thought by archeologists to have been an elevated portion of the city where a king resided or an administrative center was situated, which was probably both high and concealed. In Yerushalayim, the ascent was from the south: from the Siloam Pool by way of the City of David to the Ophel and its mikvaos, and from there to Har HaBayis.
Visitors to the new path will walk over bridges and stairs that “float” in between the ruins of buildings and installations, and will be accompanied by archaeological, historical and halachic explanations. The route is flanked by shade stations, observation points and gathering areas.