IAI Unveils Anti-GPS Jamming System

The ADA system of the Israel Air Force. (Israel Aerospace Industries)

Israel Aerospace Industries unveiled on Tuesday ADA – an advanced system that protects avionic systems from GPS jamming.

ADA has already been integrated into several systems and platforms operating both in Israel and abroad and recently won a tender from Israel’s Ministry of Defense for integration into one of the main platforms of the Israeli Air Force.

ADA was developed by IAI’s MALAM Division, a national center for Anti-Jamming protection of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers. The ADA system is scheduled to be displayed at the Aero-India exhibition in Bangalore, February 14-18.

IAI/MALAM Division general manager Jacob Galifat said, “We are proud to receive this important contract, it is a great compliment for IAI. Facing today’s threats to GNSS, these systems are a must for any platform using GPS, or any other Global Satellite Navigation Systems. Our operationally proven systems will ensure the availability of GPS- and GNSS-based systems, even in the most contested, EW-saturated battle-space. Considering the operational challenges, we believe this system has considerable export potential for many air forces and armies who experience GNSS jamming in combat zones.”