AFL-CIO Opposes Trump’s Labor Pick

Local fast-food workers take part in protests outside a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Los Angeles earlier this month, to denounce President Trump’s nomination of Andy Puzder, a restaurant mogul who owns Carl’s Jr. and other chains, as Secretary of Labor. (Reuters/Mike Blake)

The AFL-CIO is urging the Senate to reject President Trump’s pick to lead the Labor Department.

Federation President Richard L. Trumka said in a letter to senators Tuesday that Andrew Puzder’s nomination “betrays the promise (Trump) made to put working people first.”

He added that Puzder’s record as CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc., could risk government protections on overtime and worker safety. He noted that Puzder is opposed to a big hike in the minimum wage and could “torpedo” pay rules on certain federal contracts.

Puzder has said that “the right government policies can” produce more jobs and better wages. His confirmation hearing is expected Feb. 7.

Democrats have widely panned Puzder’s nomination in similar terms. But Republicans control the Senate and there’s no sign Puzder’s confirmation is imperiled.