Israel Avocado Exports to EU Jump

Avocados for sale at the Machaneh Yehudah Market in Yerushalayim. (Uri Lenz/Flash90)

A healthy dose of rain this winter is expected to increase Israel’s avocado crop significantly this year. Instead of the usual 15,000 tons of avocados harvested each year, some 24,000 tons will be harvested – much of it geared for export to Europe. That’s an increase of some 60 percent over the 2015 level, and some 70 percent  of the total will be exported.

A new marketing and export project by two of the largest avocado producers in Israel – Avocado Gal and Galil Express – promise to put more Israeli avocados on more European grocery shelves than ever. There will be more Israeli-grown avocados than avocados grown elsewhere in European markets, the companies said, making Israel a dominant force in that market.

According to Amir Bachar, CEO of Avocado Gal, “we joined up with Avocado Express because it is a leading company in marketing avocados in Europe, with an excellent reputation and a company DNA that matches ours. I am positive that our cooperation will increase profitability for the companies, and for the kibbutz and moshav growers who produce the avocados.”