Regional Briefs – January 15, 2017

Cuomo Wants More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

ALBANY – Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants 69 more charging stations for electric vehicles along the Thruway and another 500 at workplaces around the state, The Associated Press reported. There are now only four stations on the Thruway.

Trucker Charged With Evading $1 Million in Tolls

NEWARK – The owner of a trucking company was arrested Thursday while trying to board a flight to Aruba for racking up more than $1 million of unpaid tolls and fees, The Associated Press reported. Lester Morales’s EAB Transport had 100 trucks going through tolls with a delinquent E-ZPass every day.

Wig Bank Robber Gets 10 Years in Prison

TRENTON – A man known for wig disguises during eight bank robberies in New Jersey and New York was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison, The Associated Press reported. Steven Wisnowski led tellers to believe he was armed. He was caught in Edison after trying to escape his final robbery.

Cracked Windshield at Center of Tunnel Gun Case

JERSEY CITY – A judge is considering whether to suppress guns seized from three Pennsylvanians in the Holland Tunnel, The Associated Press reported. The officer testified Thursday that he stopped their truck because he saw a crack in the windshield; the defendants insist it was because it was adorned with pro-Second Amendment decals.

Cuomo Proposes to Help New Grads Buy Homes Upstate

ALBANY – Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed Friday to offer subsidized low-interest loans and down payment assistance to recent graduates who want to settle upstate, The Associated Press reported. The $5 million program would help a region in population decline.