State Refuses to Halt Right Turn Ban on Ocean Parkway


The administration of Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday declined to intervene in a decision by the state’s transportation department to ban some right turns from Ocean Parkway.

Local officials such as Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Public Advocate Letitia James have petitioned the state to cancel the turn bans, saying it was an issue left best for local residents to know what’s best. The state had pointed to statistics showing Ocean Parkway as one of the most dangerous in the state, saying that keeping a traffic flow would prevent accidents.

“Government is supposed to work for the people, not against them,” Hikind said at a press conference Friday on Ocean Parkway. “This is the epitome of chutzpah to completely ignore both the mayor’s office and the NYC Department of Transportation’s request to halt this project. Something is terribly wrong here.”

The mayor’s office had requested that the state cancel the ban on turning right at four intersections.