Man Arrested for Making Death Threats Against Bennett


A 22-year-old Israeli was arrested by authorities Thursday on suspicion of making death threats against Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett to protest the pending evacuation of the Amona outpost.

He is accused of sending the message, “Someone ought to take out Naftali Bennett.” The text was accompanied by a photo of the Israeli flag next to an Uzi rifle.

The man, previously indicted for threatening to kill Prime Minister Netanyahu, will be held in police custody at least until Sunday.

Bennett’s security detail has been increased in recent days as he sought to help negotiate a deal for the residents of Amona who are slated for evacuation by Dec. 25.

The minister has backed a proposal to move the residents to another site on the same hilltop overlooking Ofra. But on Thursday they rejected the plan.

Before the rejection was announced, Bennett told The Jerusalem Post: “It’s their call. The ball is in their court. But if they say no, they will have no choice but to leave the mountain.”