1,000 Ukrainian Construction Workers to Come to Israel

Some 1,000 construction workers from Ukraine will be recruited in an organized fashion during the course of 2017, following a bilateral agreement signed between Israel and Ukraine.

The agreement will make it possible to import thousands of construction workers to Israel in an organized way. In the initial stage, during 2017, some 1,000 construction workers will be recruited. This deal is one of several that Israel has signed with various countries to legally import laborers, without agents, and make sure there is no trafficking of humans.

Figures published by the Center for International Immigration (an organization founded by the Joint in 1998) show that there are currently 81,500 work migrants in Israel with a visa, most of them (48,000) in the senior care industry, 21,000 in agriculture and some 8,200 in construction. There are also 148,000 foreigners in Israel without visas, among them 91,000 tourists whose visas have expired and 41,477 asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan. There are also 15,280 illegal foreign workers.

According to the founder of the organization, Arnon Mantaver, these agreements are important because they will make it possible to bring foreign workers under the supervision of the immigration authorities.

Among the other countries that have signed bilateral agreements to import laborers are Thailand, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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