Missing Six-Year-Old Chareidi Child Found Alive and Well Near Yerushalayim

Volunteers and police pore over maps in the search of the missing boy Sunday night. (ZAKA)
Volunteers and police pore over maps in the search for the missing boy Sunday night. (Zaka)

A six-year-old child who had been missing since Sunday was, baruch Hashem, found alive and well outside the Arab village of Hizme, near Yerushalayim, on Monday morning. The child, from a chareidi family in Yerushalayim, had last been seen getting on a bus near his home on Sunday.

The child was found by a Border Guard patrol, which discovered him roaming near the edge of the Arab village. The child was in a state of shock and hungry, but otherwise sound and healthy. Border Guards sent out a vehicle to fetch him, and calmed him down before restoring him to his family.

Hundreds of volunteers from Zaka, Ichud Hatzalah and other organizations had fanned out around Yerushalayim in a frantic search for the child. A helicopter was also assigned to the search. Among the concerns was the fact that the lost child was a special-needs child, and there was fear that he might have fallen into a pit or some other area that he could not extricate himself from – or, chalilah, that he had been kidnapped.