Mrs. Libby Wasser, a”h


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The Gerrer kehillah is mourning the petirah of Mrs. Libby Wasser (née Dinkles), a”h, who was niftar on Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev. She is remembered as an especially warm and beloved woman with unshakable simchas hachaim and bitachon. She was 62 years old.

“She was an extraordinary person, a woman of tremendous strength,” said one relative. “She was like a lightbulb; whenever she walked into the room, the room lit up.”

Ahuvah Liba Dinkels was born in Omaha, Nebraska, where her father, Reb Yosef (Yossel), z”l, worked as a shochet. Reb Yossel was a prominent Gerrer Chassid and is remembered as a talmid chacham and a yerei Shamayim. Her mother, Mrs. Rivka Dinkles, shetichyeh, is the daughter of Reb Simcha Bunim Shatz, z”l, who was a Chassid of the Imrei Emes. The family relocated to Monsey shortly after Mrs. Wasser’s birth. She spent her early years there before moving to Boro Park.

During a life of many challenges, Mrs. Wasser retained her signature zest for life and personal warmth. She had the unique ability to make every person she knew feel special. Her name, Ahuva Liba, symbolized her true nature, a nature filled only with love for all those around her. She treated everyone with kindness and respect and made each person feel what the word “love” truly meant.

Mrs. Wasser had many great joys in life; amongst those were her children. She took many into her home over the years and made them feel as if they were her own.

“Everybody felt connected to her,” said the relative. “She touched everybody’s lives and everyone really felt like they were her favorite.”

Mrs. Wasser’s life was marked by her natural sense of caring for others. Even during the most difficult of times, her simchah was palpable when she heard good news about people she knew.

“Her middah of ayin tovah was on a level that I never saw in anybody else I’ve ever known,” said another family member. “She was thrilled to hear that another Yid had something and made everyone feel like a million dollars.”

The levayah was held at Shomrei Hadas Chapels in Boro Park on Thursday morning. Since it was Rosh Chodesh, no official hespedim were delivered, but several family members shared brief divrei zikaron. From there, the levayah proceeded to Monsey, where kevurah took place.

Mrs. Wasser is survived by her mother, Mrs. Rivka Dinkels; husband, Reb Yaakov Wasser; brother, Reb Avrohom Dinkels; sisters, Mrs. Celia Friedman, Mrs. Nechama Danzinger, Mrs. Breindy Baum, Mrs. Faigie Bergstein, and Mrs. Bassheva Dresdner; son, Avrohom Yeshayah Bilgoray; daughters, Basheva Daskal and Devora Singer, as well as several grandchildren.

Yehi zichrah baruch.

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