Lawmaker Wants Delay in Right-Turn Restrictions on Ocean Parkway


A lawmaker wants the New York state transportation department to delay a ban on making a right turn at four intersections on Ocean Parkway.

Councilman David Greenfield says that no new restrictions should be imposed at the intersections of Avenue C, Avenue J, Avenue P and King Highway until the community gets a chance to review them.

The new rules, which are meant as safety regulations on a promenade which regularly comes up as one of the most dangerous in the city, is set to go into effect next week. Drivers would have to exit onto a service road before making the turn.

“If the DOT had consulted the community on these changes,” Greenfield said, “they would have learned that these are some of the busiest intersections on Ocean Parkway, and that they consistently have some of the worst traffic congestion. Prohibiting right turns at these intersections will make traffic worse without making drivers or pedestrians any safer.”