Klausenburg Shul in Monsey Saved from Blaze

Tragedy was narrowly averted when a fire broke out at the Klausenburger shul in Monsey, on Main St. near Maple Ave., on Sunday evening.

Soon after smoke was seen billowing from a laundry room adjacent to the beis medrash, a passerby ran in to rescue the sifrei Torah. Chaveirim and the local fire department responded immediately thereafter and successfully prevented the fire from spreading further. There were no injuries.

Baruch Hashem, nothing in the shul itself was damaged, but had the fire department come a few minutes later it could have been a real disaster,” a member of Monsey Chaveirim told Hamodia.

Soon after responders arrived on the scene, the fire department shut off a gas main near the fire, which allowed for the blaze to be contained and extinguished. The entire beis medrash and all the sefarim remain intact, but damage caused by the fire has left the shul without electricity.

The kehillah is presently using temporary quarters and hopes to be able to repair the damage and return to the building.