Turkey Detains BBC, Voice of America Reporters in Southeast

Thousands of people attend a Democracy and Martyrs' Rally in Istanbul, Sunday. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)
Thousands of people attend a Democracy and Martyrs’ Rally in Istanbul, in support of President Erdogan, following a failed military coup in July. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

Turkish authorities have detained two reporters working for foreign news organizations in southeast Turkey, the latest journalists taken into custody in the government’s sweeping crackdown following July’s failed coup.

BBC Turkish reports that correspondent Hatice Kamer was detained Saturday in the town of Sirvan where she was covering a recent mine collapse on Nov. 17 where 11 bodies have been recovered so far. Voice of America reports that its freelance reporter Khajijan Farqin was detained the same day in Diyarbakir. No reason was given for either detention.

Turkish authorities haven’t immediately commented on the detentions.

Earlier this month, 52-year-old French journalist Olivier Bertrand was also detained in nearby Gaziantep and subsequently deported. Dozens of journalists have been detained and hundreds of media outlets shut down as part of the post-coup clampdown.