Yeinot Bitan Seeks to Establish New Chareidi Chain


The Yeinot Bitan supermarket chain is seeking to establish a chareidi chain with 25 branches. The new chain, according to Globes, is set to begin operations next month.

According to the plan, the new chain will be established by taking over 11 branches of Shefa Shuk and rebranding 10 branches of Yeinot Bitan, as well as opening additional branches. All the existing Shefa Shuk stores will become part of the new chain, except for three.

The Yeinot Bitan stores operating in areas with large chareidi populations will become part of the new brand. This applies to stores in Ashdod, Petach Tikva, Teveria, Afulah, Netanya, Kiryat Ata, Nazareth, and two Yerushalayim branches: in Neve Yaakov and Kiryat Moshe.

The chain plans to invest millions in renovating the branches so they offer a unique shopping experience. Concurrently, the managers say, the prices in those branches will be reduced and they will operate as discount stores.