Herzog Accuses Netanyahu of Interfering in U.S. Elections Through Allies


Opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Zionist Camp) accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of attempting to influence the U.S. elections, though he was hard put to substantiate the claim.

“In the past, we saw serious information stating that Israeli leaders tried to intervene and influence the results of the elections [in the U.S.], and the citizens of Israel paid the high price,” Herzog told a party meeting. “Recently, we saw again information on Israeli leaders’ intervention in elections through people close to them across the sea.”

Herzog asserted that Netanyahu’s “silence about the actions of those patrons is dangerous and destructive.”

However, when asked to produce evidence of such interference, Herzog’s office could only show an op-ed article arguing that Netanyahu’s meetings with both Trump and Clinton during his recent trip to New York helped Trump more than Clinton, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu on Monday cautioned ministers in his government not to comment on the elections, part of his often stated policy of remaining absolutely neutral in the presidential contest. The meetings in New York were, in fact, billed by Netanyahu’s office as a show of even-handedness, having stipulated that he would not meet with one and not the other, lest it show partiality.

Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a major Netanyahu supporter, donated $25 million to Trump last week. In addition, newspapers Adelson owns, including the pro-Netanyahu Israeli daily Yisrael Hayom, have endorsed Trump.

But there was no evidence presented that Adelson did so at Netanyahu’s behest.