Dafna Meir’s Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison


The convicted murderer of Dafna Meir, Hy”d, was given a life sentence in the Military Court of Yehudah, according to media reports on Wednesday.

The Palestinian terrorist, 16-year-old Morad Bader Abdullah Adais, stabbed Meir to death in her home in Otniel in the Yehudah region. She was the mother of six children, three of whom witnessed the horrible event but were not harmed physically.

In announcing the sentence, the court emphasized that the terrorist had committed the act in cold blood and with such particular cruelty that a life sentence was warranted, and recommended to any committee that would adjudicate the matter in the future to ensure that the terrorist not be released.

“She fought against me,” the terrorist told investigators. “I stabbed her until I couldn’t take the knife out of her body, and I saw that another woman was approaching.”

He then fled the scene but was later arrested by security forces and confessed to the crime, for which he has expressed no remorse.

When asked by investigators what he would do if allowed to go free, Adais said: “I would go to Al-Aqsa mosque, even if I was killed, and on the way I would kill as many Zionist Jews as I could.”

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