Zionist Camp Takes Over Rabin Memorial Rally


After learning that the annual memorial rally for Yitzchak Rabin was going to be cancelled for lack of funding, the Zionist Camp stepped inwith the money and with their own agenda.

The assassination of Prime Minister Rabin will be commemorated on Tuesday, along with a protest against government actions that are perceived to threaten Israeli democracy.

The annual rally has from its inception served as a platform for the left, but this is the first time a political party has sponsored it in order to target specific government policies. In recent days, the revamping of the Israel Broadcasting Authority by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has triggered accusations that he is trying to suppress dissent, and that will likely be a hot topic in the speeches on Tuesday night.

Party leader Isaac Herzog said: “I call to all those who are worried about the path the state is walking, of it’s changing for the worse – to come to the square in order to unite with the memory of Yitzhak Rabin, and unite in the struggle and in a sharp protest against violence, incitement, division, and attacks within our midst, and for the protection of democracy and the fortification of the rule of law. Come and do not despair.”

Zionist Camp MK Tzipi Livni declared that “there’s a war for (our) home here, for democracy. Anyone who thinks the situation is despairing should come to the square,” said Livni, referring to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, where he was assassinated in 1995.