Soldiers Prevented Much More Serious Incident at Focus Checkpoint


The head of the Central Command, Gen. Roni Numa, arrived at the Focus checkpoint adjacent to Beit El near Ramallah, where a shooting attack was carried out on Monday afternoon that left three IDF soldiers wounded.

After a briefing from Gen. (Res.) Yuval Gaz, he met with members of Battalion 202, which was involved in the incident, and commended the soldiers for preventing what would have been a much more serious terrorist attack.

The wounded soldiers were taken to Hadassah Hospital in Yerushalayim for medical treatment. The terrorist was shot and killed by soldiers.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, security forces thwarted a potential stabbing by a female Palestinian at Me’aras Hamachpelah. Security forces at the site found two large kitchen knives in the woman’s possession during searches after she aroused their suspicion.
The Palestinian woman was transferred to security services for further investigation.