FCC Issues Warning About 90# Phone Scam

The FCC is warning people not to fall victim to the old “90#” telephone scam.

In this scam, you will receive a call at your office from someone who claims to be a telephone company technician who is investigating technical problems with your phone line or checking up on calls supposedly placed to other states or countries from your phone line. The caller will then ask you to help with the investigation by either dialing 90# or transferring him to an outside line before hanging up the receiver. By following his instructions, you enable the caller to place calls that are billed to your office phone line.

The FCC is reminding people that phone-company technicians investigating a problem would never call and ask you to dial a specific series of numbers, or ask you to connect them to an outside line.

The FCC is encouraging people who receive these scam calls to:

  • Ask the caller for his name and phone number;
  • Tell the caller you are going to call the phone company immediately to determine whether or not there is a problem with the line;
  • Immediately hang up the receiver; do not dial any numbers or transfer the caller to an outside line before hanging up;
  • Report the suspicious phone call to your phone-service provider and local law-enforcement officials.

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