Israel Mulls Buying More German Submarines

Israel’s new submarine leaves the German port on its way to Israel. The Achi Tanin is the Israel Navy’s fourth Dolphin submarine, supplied by Germany. The submarine will travel 8,000 kilometers to its home port in Haifa with 50 crew members on board, during which time it will conduct a range of tests on its systems. It is scheduled to reach Haifa on September 23. (Israel Navy)
An Israeli submarine leaves the German port on its way to Israel in 2015. (Israel Navy)

The German government says Israel is considering buying new submarines from Germany that would go into service starting in 2027.

Israel has ordered six submarines from Germany over the past two decades. German government spokesman Georg Streiter said Friday that the ones Israel is considering buying now would replace the first submarines Germany supplied.

Streiter says talks are ongoing “at various levels” over the purchase and Germany’s potential participation in financing it. He stressed Germany’s “special responsibility for the security of the state of Israel.”

Reports in the Israeli media said that Israel plans to buy three new submarines.