Police: IDF Needs Better Security For Its Weapons

Weapons seized by security forces. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)
Weapons seized by Israeli security forces during a raid in Arab villages. (File, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Police and the IDF are investigating the theft of a dozen M16 automatic weapons from IDF bases, Channel Two reported. The weapons were stolen from army bases where, according to soldiers who spoke to reporters, there was a lack of proper supervision of weapons stores.

The incident, police sources said, reiterates what has become a major problem – the theft of IDF weapons that sometimes end up in the hands of terrorists but more often in the hands of criminals. The sources said that the weapons are stolen from bases where security is lax, and that there were numerous such incidents every year. Police have demanded that the IDF increase security at all bases.

“It’s unbelievable that so many top quality weapons go missing from army weapons stores on a regular basis,” the sources told Channel Two. “They are just not doing enough to protect weapons.”

The IDF had no comment on the incident or the investigation.