Kidnapping Alert for Missing Israeli Called Off

A view of Shechem. (Wikipedia)
A view of Shechem. (Wikipedia)

Large numbers of IDF soldiers operated in Shechem overnight Friday, over reports that an Israeli had been kidnapped. The soldiers entered the city and conducted numerous searches throughout the night and into the morning hours. By mid-Shabbos it was clear that the report was incorrect, and the soldiers withdrew.

There were numerous incidents of rock throwing and rioting over the weekend. Arabs rioted and stoned a police vehicle near the town of Mevo Choron, outside Modi’in. Several rock-throwing incidents were reported in the Binyamin region. No injuries were reported, but several vehicles were damaged.

On Friday afternoon, a 14-year-old Arab terrorist attempted to stab IDF soldiers near Kiryat Arba. Soldiers asked to see his identification papers as he approached a checkpoint, and instead he pulled out a knife and attempted to stab them. Soldiers shot and neutralized him. There were no Israeli injuries.