Kachlon Approves New Imports of Grape Juice, Honey

A honeybee visiting a citrus flower. A new study says honeybees get a shot of caffeine from certain flowers, and it perks up their memory. That spurs them to return to the same type of plant, boosting its prospects for pollination and the future of the plant species. (AP Photo/Geraldine Wright)
A honeybee visiting a citrus flower. (AP Photo/Geraldine Wright)

There will be plenty of grape juice and honey to grace Israelis’ tables during the chagim this year, after Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon signed orders to increase imports of both items. A total of 100,000 more liters of bottled grape juice will be brought into Israel from the United States over the next year. The grape juice will be exempt from import duties.

The American grape juice will join 230,000 liters of European Union-sourced grape juice that already is imported into Israel tax free. The imports from the U.S. will be in the form of bottles, while the EU imports are largely containers, with bottles filled in Israel. The grape juice is imported as part of free-trade agreements between Israel and the EU countries. The imports from the U.S. will help ensure a larger supply and lower prices, said Kachlon.

The same applies to honey, Kachlon said, signing an order to increase honey imports from 600 tons to 1,300 tons over the next year duty free. The order is not expected to impact Israeli producers of honey products, Kachlon added.

“These steps are an extension of our policy of increasing supplies in order to lower the cost of living and to increase competition,” Kachlon said. “We are taking many other steps to battle inflation and make things easier for Israelis.”

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